Extra Credit: Should personal gun possession/use outside of hunting be made illegal


Should personal gun possession/use outside of hunting be made illegal in the United States?

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42 thoughts on “Extra Credit: Should personal gun possession/use outside of hunting be made illegal

  1. Personal gun possesion outside of hunting shouldn’t be made illegal. If our government were to turn on the people we need our own self protection. In another case, if there was a natural catastrophe people in that area will need to get resourcs which would lead to looting, sothe only way to saty sanewould be to warn others that if you break the law you willrecieve major injuries.
    I also see why the government would want to make weapons illegal outside of hunting. many criminals cant get thierhands on weapons very easily if they are barely about to commit thier first crime.Especially ones who are comitted to do so.
    In all fainess, weapons should have some limited laws, depending on EXTREME backround checks, not backround checks that are hinted to pass just so you can buy a weapon fron a gun shop!

  2. Carrying guns should be made legal in the United States no matter what. Freedom isn’t free when you put limitations on every rule you give to the people. The ability to carry personal arms in America gives people protection. Citizens should always have the right to protect themselves and become responsible enough to know when is the correct place and time to carry firearms.
    Every day on the news someone has gotten beaten to death, car jacked, or robbed. There are some cities in this nation that cause you to need protection. America is not always the most peaceful country around the clock. Taking away the freedom to bear arms will only cause revolt. When you let your kids roam free at a community park, but suddenly some strange man is running away with them, where’s your protection. The police are not always on site nor do they come in a timely manner always to assist. When incidents occur that are life threatening and you have no form of protection or help, people get angry. You don’t know why people carry fire arms in Wal-Mart, it could be something that they have experienced in the past that causes them to want to feel safe on their own.
    Legalizing fire arms does not contribute to the crime rates, it’s the people. No matter what, weed, drugs, anything that is not legal has a way of making sells. People feel safe knowing they can freely protect their families in time of need .

    • If we give everyone firearms and disband the police would this make us safer? Or should only the people who have gone through traumatic events be allowed to carry anyplace? The right to bear arms is constitutionally protected so why do “we” as citizens allow places like shopping malls, federal buildings amusement parks, schools, and libraries limit our rights? If guns protect us from the government then we should certainly be allowed to carry them into government buildings, police stations, military posts, and courtrooms. For some reason there isn’t a BIG challenge to the prohibition of firearms in these locations. What could be the reasoning for this? Perhaps these places don’t want people to be free? It seems like a contradiction. If guns make us safe and people make it dangerous in society we should replace people with guns. Perhaps every criminal should be removed from our society and a gun produced in their place. Or we could train law abiding citizens so the will know how to effective remove them with guns. I like the viewpoints you guys offered in class and the way that you guys stick up for your views with valid points. Good work and way to stick up for your constitutional rights.

  3. Personal gun possession outside hunting should be illegal. I think that people in the United States use violence as the answer to everything. Lets just think about what happened yesterday at the Empire State building, just because he got fired a year ago and he was mad, that doesn’t give him the right to start shooting at random people who have nothing to do with him. It really scares me to think that anyone can have a gun, not even for protection because if you’re in a shooting and you’re are trying to protect yourself, other people who is innocent could end up dying just because your “protection”. I know that if they make it illegal, people will get guns anyway, but it wouldn’t be that easy to get as it is now. I understand when people feel protected if they have a gun, but I think that if you feel that way, you have some type of problem, I really don’t get the mentality of thinking that “I have a gun, nothing will happen to me”, is not like that, yes you can have a gun and maybe hurt the one who is doing bad, but what if the one who ends up hurt is you and you had a gun? A gun is not s synonym of protection, it will not always work.

  4. Over the past decade, violence involving guns has increased in the United States. Along with the violence, the controversy over the restrictions involving gun control has also escalated. However, gun possession, outside of hunting, should remain legal. A large percentage of society should not be held accountable for those who have an inability to control their actions.
    One cannot determine the mental stability of a person just by their looks. Any crazed citizen, except those who have harmed with a gun before, could walk into a gun store off of the street, and purchase a gun. This is the reason for much of our violence today. Therefore, the United States should require a psych test for any person wishing to obtain a gun.
    If this sort test was required, America would not have to punish the sane majority of society for the psychotic few that roam every city. If one does not pass the test, he or she cannot purchase a gun. Making guns illegal would only provoke more violence against, and within our current government.

  5. Our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms so that we were able to protect ourselves. Whether it be from somebody posed as a threat or to the government itself. If the government did indeed ban the right to own guns without a hunting license then it would allow them to tell us to do anything they wanted because there would be no fear of an effective revolt from the people. Our founding fathers thought of this and did not our government to become tyranical.

    Guns are not what kills people. When James Holmes (the Aurora shooter) shot and killed innocent people, the news headline was not “AR-15 Kills Many in Movie Premier.” Now I do beleive that there could be changes made to the law making it to where there are more extensive background checks to those who want to buy a gun. I beleive that owning a gun is no different than owning a car. Approximately 40,000 people die every year from car accidents. Should we ban owning a car? Should everyone be forced to ride a bike or rollerblade to work because some people arent safe drivers? Should we not be allowed to own guns because some people decide that they want to kill somebody? If theses types of people want to kill someone then they will. Rather than a gun they might use a knife, a homemade bomb or who knows what else. I beleive that the consitution allows us the right to bear arms for a good reason.

    • Guns don’t kill people is a soft argument. We all know guns aren’t living being. However guns in the hands of a person led to the aurora shooting. Let’s not act like guns aren’t the issue and it’s just people. Let’s discuss how to cut gun violence. According to the CDC, 68% of all homicides in 2009 were committed with a guns. Looking at vehicle fatalities only 32% of all 2009 traffic fatalities were the result of an intoxicated driver. Mental tests will only lead to discrimination among the test and the power of guns will be left in the hands of the elites who pass the test leaving other citizens defenseless. Guns don’t kill they allow others who value life callously to commit murder or other crimes with a highly destructive power just as cars don’t kill. Let’s solve the problem, but first we must acknowledge the problem. “According to the Department of Defense and FBI data, 2,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001. During that same period of time, more than 5,000 Chicagoans were killed.” Now that’s a problem. I wonder what we would think if this data was widely reported on.


      • I don’t know if there is a way to cut down gun violence. Say the government did ban the right to own a gun. How would they go to everyone’s house and physically take every gun they have been registered to? What if they said the people no longer had the gun? Would they be arrested for trading it with for another gun a friend? I just don’t see it as a logical solution. Because then, those who managed to keep their gun or found a way to possess a new one would then be in power. I also don’t think that everyone should be walking around with a rifle around around their shoulder because it makes everyone safer. I don’t think that there is a direct solution to this problem, I think there are bad ways to solve it and then there are even more bad ways to solve it.

      • At least we’re thinking of solutions which is better than not thinking about it. We have all sorts of laws to try and solve the DUI/DWI problem, checkpoints, random stops, stiffer penalties, drink limits at bars, prohibition of holiday and Sunday sell in some places, even tv commercials. What do we do to curb gun violence or promote responsible ownership? A little but not nearly as much. Who’s to say these solutions even work. At least it’s something.

      • And in the Huffington Post link that you put, it has two corrections at the bottom. The second stated that the title and first paragraph were wrong. Chicago has more deaths than Kabul not Afghanistan if I read correctly.

  6. There is always going to be conserverse on whether or not having a gun should be illegal. Yes people have gotten killed by guns but guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people. I believe personal guns shouldn’t be illegal.
    We should be allowed to carry guns around with in reason. An adult should be able to carry and own a weapon. In the constitution it says we have the right to bare arms. Plus why should people have to give up the their freedom and right to have a gun and feel secure and protected. Just because some people have made a wrong chioce. You can’t punish everyone for someone elses actions.
    So I believe having a personal gun and be able to use it outside of hunting shouldn’t be illegal in the United States. They shouldn’t be able to take away that right.

    • Saying guns don’t kill people is like saying Weapons of Mass Destruction don’t kill people, people with WMD do. We all know people commit the action. However in our arguments we should not ignore the facts that accessibility to guns play a role in homicides, homicide outside of guns are significantly lower. What role does legality to access play?

  7. Throughout history guns have contributed to the growth of killing people, animals, and the growth of sport. And as society progresses so does the debate on if guns should remain legal outside of the concept of killing for food, but what about shooting for sport? Shooting for protection? Should that be illegal too?
    As the human race progresses through out time, society changes. The initial reason to obtain a gun has changed. Today the fire arm has increased in uses. For many though the reason to obtain a gun is to actually not use it. A gun provides people with a clear state of mind with the belief that although they do posses the weapon they have no direct intention on killing an animal or another human being. A gun may be bought because of the environmental situation one is surrounded by. One may live in a neighborhood with multiple break-ins, murders, etc. The firearm itself just mildly takes away the extreme surrounding conditions to create the safety within the person that although the conditions are dangerous, and anything can happen at any given moment in time, they have a way of protecting themselves if necessary. Also because one obtains a gun for the reason of protection they also might need protection not only from other humans, but also from the potentially dangerous wildlife in the area.
    Many people argue that the main reason guns should be made illegal is because they are used to kill other people. Although this is a true, that a gun is used as a tool to murder a person, a gun is not the only tool. A person can be murdered by many other things such as a lead pipe, a piece of string, a piece of wire, a crowbar, a knife, and multiple other things. Although these things are used for other purposes, besides killing another individual, they can be used for this process, and if one uses these items for killing another individual, should we remove them from our society as well because it was a human interpretation of said tool? How will one consume a steak in a decent matter without a knife? Also if your argument is to keep the knife for eating only, just like keeping a gun for the sole process of hunting, you are not solving anything. The weapon will still be available. It was humans that developed other uses for items, putting a limitation on it will not help anything. If one wishes to remove the items from society based on the mere fact that it can be used to kill another individual, then the items would need to be removed from society without any reason to maintain the use of the item.
    Following that another point is also the matter that guns create a different state of mind sometimes as well, and that is fear. If one is held at gun point an individual is going to have some urge of fear, and that fear can be interpreted into another emotion as well. If one has fear occasionally that can create society to become weak and the weak are never powerful. If society is without guns, where would an individual go for protection from a killer. A police officer would not have the firearm to protect the individual so then you have a police officer disrespected as well as people running from a killer. Society would turn into chaos because the gun provides a state of fear if you are not the one who has possession of the weapon.
    Overall if one would like to use a firearm for hunting, protection, sport, a collection, or any other use it should be allowed. The problem is not with the weapon itself it is with the persons intentions of the firearm. Guns are not the problem people are the problem. Create more regulations for obtain said weapon and that may or may not reduce the amount of murders by guns. Otherwise guns should remain legal just more difficult to obtain. A new eighteen year old should not be able to walk into Walmart, sign a piece of paper, pay for the firearm, and be able to leave with the weapon. Guns should be harder to obtain, also people obtaining a gun does not mean they wish to kill another individual. People should not assume that is the purpose. Guns should remain legal because the gun does not make the choice to kill an individual. The one pulling the trigger decides.

    • Guns have a purpose just like anything else. Carrying a band-aid doesn’t mean I am going to use it. However if he situation calls for it I will. I would like a push for a general right to carry, anywhere, anyplace, regardless of age. If it is our right then there should be very little, if any limitations.

      • Exactly guns have a purpose just like anything else, just because another purpose has been found however doesn’t mean that it is used directly for that purpose, but in a time of desperation where your life is risked you should be able to have that option to use the gun. You will not have that option though if you remove the concept of guns all together and if you just remove it for the strict purpose of hunting then its purpose will still be abused. To reduce it being abused more laws should be put into place. Although times have changed when the constitution was first initiated, would you rather have more laws that can protect your right or just remove your right all together?

  8. Making gun possession/use outside of hunting, is a horrible idea. It’s constricting our rights as citizens of the United States. It is our right to bare arms, our right to be able to protect ourselves, and our family. It’s been this way since the beginning of the American Constitution.
    In the states with strict gun policies, crime rate is usually higher than those states that have no strict policies. Even if gun possession/use outside of hunting is illegal, you still could get your hands on a gun. So what if a criminal has a gun and breaks into your house? They attend to harm you or your family, how can you protect your family and yourself? If owning a gun and using it is illegal.
    Yes, some people abuse our right to bare arms and that’s horrible. But we shouldn’t constrict everybody’s right to bare arms. That would be like making cars illegal, they cause more deaths than guns per year. Making gun use/possession illegal outside of hunting is total insanity.
    We have the right to bare arms. We as the American people, should protect our right. So, should gun possession/use be illegal outside of hunting? Well the only answer is, no.

  9. And I’ll agree with that, but a law already is telling you what you can or cannot do so already you don’t have freedom if a law is telling you it’s okay that you’re allowed to have a gun. Society is barbaric it always has been though thats nothing new, but as times are changing we are just seeing it more and more as if it was normal.

    • That’s kind of sad. It’s normal to society. When will it end. Gun are fine with me but as you get older you get tired of hearing about the deaths, the killings, the innocent, and the victims.

  10. Recent gun shootings have called into question whether guns should be outlawed outside of hunting. Some believe that with guns outlawed, obtaining them would be very difficult. Others say that it would be a violation of the second Amendment. Regardless of these attacks and criticism, personal gun use/possesion outside of hunting should not be made illegal.
    Critics of personal gun possesion often claim that making guns legal makes them easily accessible, therefore making we humans prone to using them irrationally. This is in fact, false, because humans are violent by nature. Guns may be a means of unleashing one’s rage but there are so many other alternatives. A man could just as easily bring a machete in his briefcase and kill three of his coworkers before being stopped.
    Making gun possesion/use illegal would be a waste of time. A man with homocidal tendencies could find many alternative outputs for his anger, some much more gruesome than guns. Regardless of the tools at our disposal people are prone to violence, because it is in our nature.

  11. Guns have no longer only found a place on the battlefield during war times. In today’s world, firearms have been sighted at schools, in other public buildings, and even at casual social gatherings. Unfortunately, this usually leads to devastating catastrophes such as school shootings and public massacres. If guns weren’t allowed outside of hunting in the United States, less violence would occur and more lives would be saved. Tragic incidents would occur less often and the population as a whole would be safer.

    To begin with, the most recent incident that occurred due to too much gun freedom resulted in a number of people, and even children, dead. Aurora, Colorado was devastated by this massacre and it could’ve been delayed and perhaps even avoided had there been stricter gun laws.More locally, a few years ago a teacher at an elementary school was shot and killed. Had he not been allowed to own a gun in his condition, or in any condition, he might have thought through his actions more carefully and the death might have been prevented altogether.

    Overall, the idea of guns, or any other weapon, steers us in the completely wrong direction. Rather than advancing as a society, we continue to reverse back to the days when violence was a necessary and everyday action. Besides hunting or international war, guns have no place in the day-to-day lives of Americans. Guns are simply violent and destructive tools that should be saved to bring down our enemies, not to “protect”ourselves from our fellow U.S. citizens, If we don’t feel safe in our own country without a deadly weapon on our hip, perhaps a different approach should be taken rather than reaching for the quick and easy cop out that costs us much more than another round of ammo.

  12. Authorization for gun use and possession should be legal in the U.S. Very few buy guns with the intent to shoot it unless they hunt or go to a shooting place. Theyre purpose isn’t usually to kill another person. Only the small percentage of wack jobs do. Yes I believe it should be harder to purchase and carry a gun, but it shouldn’t be illegal. It’s a sense of protection, and I believe people have the right to that.

    • I would also like to add that if someone really wants to kill someone, making guns illegal won’t do anything about it. People that are determined to be dangerous and corrupt are going to be, making guns illegal isn’t going to change that.

  13. I feel that the creation of guns has increased violence to an all time high in today’s society. By making guns illegal in the United States it would become harder for a criminal to murder large amounts of people at one time. Without the presence of guns it would limit assassinations, mass shootings, and other crimes that guns are commonly used for. Some people may feel that by having a gun it gives them security and protection, but if nobody were to have a gun there would be no need to arm yourself with such a lethal weapon. A weapon that has the power to kill large amounts of people, when put into the hands of the wrong person. I feel the government and its citizens have every right to make public places a safer place for people to enjoy, by eliminating the presence of guns. After all, nobody wants to fear for their owns lives simply by going to the movie theater with their family and friends. We all have the right to life.

  14. I love guns and i support the right to bear arms as much as i support the freedom of speech. But i believe the right to bear arms should be strictly regulated. An idea is to have a local shed in each community were owned guns are stored. And if the use of the gun was required, the owner would go to this storage and “check his gun out”, also filling out forms on the activity and it cannot be checked out for more than 12 hours. The manager of the store would not be appointed by the government but by the local gun owners vote in the area. With this system the access to firearm by the unlicensed and unregistered would be much harder, making it harder to commit crimes with gun, then causing the need to defend oneself with a gun irrelvant.

    • With this the constitution is kept unchanged and the public feels safer, while the gun owners are satisfied.

  15. Due to the Constitution, the right to bear arms should be protected by the government because it has been there since this land has been known as a country. The right to bear arms is actually older itself than the document that protects it due to what the people that fought for it had to go through. In an ideal world, as Liberals like to see it, putting a ban on weapons would solve the whole issue of crime and violence in the US. The only question is how the individual would like to see it! There are pros and cons to every single social issue that people fight over every day. Having guns can serve as a hobby for gun enthusiasts, with me knowing certain people that can take apart and put back together with their eyes closed entire assault rifles, which would support having a weapon as sport and also qualifying it under the hunting statement, but it can be used mainly as a way to protect one’s self. Certain people feel comfortable with the fact that they have a weapon to defend themselves within their residence if their state laws allow it. It can become an issue if a person becomes a dependent of that fact, but that situation is seldom encountered. The belief that taking weapons away from the people would in no way make the country a better place. If somebody thinks that having weapons is unsafe really needs to check their facts.

    “According to the Survey of State Prison Inmates, among those possessing a gun, the source of the gun was from:

    – a flea market or gun show for fewer than 2%
    – a retail store or pawnshop for about 12%
    – family, friends, a street buy, or an illegal source for 80%”

    Simply making weapons illegal will take the right of the people who are willing to go through the right means, deal with the law, and train themselves in weapon handling and weapon safety to be able to deal with such a responsibility. The weapons that are being mishandled will keep on coming by different means. Taking the right from the people that are going through it the right was is simply unconstitutional.

    To conclude, this country was not built in given privileges and it may never be. You were offered the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but those are not always guaranteed. The nation will forever have the fight in them, and hopefully it will forever. Banning fire arms will not stop violence at all, but keeping them legal will guarantee the American people that the country still believes that the power belongs to the people. God willing, it will never be necessary, but a human shall have, in their hands, their right to fight and earn life, liberty, and forever chase the happiness that we desire, be them ever challenged.

  16. guns should be legal america is all about freedom but latly it seems like we’ve been putting more and more rules some to help us yes but guns arent such a bad thing like some people think. what would happen when we do make guns illegal and someone gets a gun anyways and breaks into your home, how are you suppose to defend yourself? do people take advantage of the gun laws we have today? yes but that doesnt mean everyone should be punished for it, if anything i think this means we should have more police walking around or even driving around so when someone thinks of commiting a serious crime they’ll think twice about doing it because there will be a police officer around more often. and even if they pass the law saying know one can have guns how many people do you think are gunna throw away their $500 gun? you cant enforce this law so there would be no point in trying to pass it. and even if you try and give the public a reward for turning in there guns how are you going to get all the money or free grocery cards, is the govenment going to pay for all that? and then when to many people turn in there guns for the reward and they run out of money for free grocey cards for the guns people will compain about being unfair and stop turning them in

  17. i think there should be a stricter law on owning a firearm where you must acquire a licence but must be kept in a locker when not in use similar to ft huachuca’s policy.law enforcement should not have a gun as a side arm a tazer/tranquilizer will replace officers firearm along with pepper spray pellets.during hunting seasons licensed gun owners should be allowed to carry a gun but must have a hunting license and be in a designated area to hunt.if you are caught with a gun illegal i think there should be strict consequences court and maybe a large fine as well as jail time guns push forward violence by illegalization of guns i think would reduce murder and violent crime productivity

  18. Should personal gun possession/use outside of hunting be made illegal in the united states? People have many views on this but considering all these acts of violence because of crazy people and there firearms I do believe that guns should be made illegal outside of the police force, military, and hunting.

    I believe this for one of many reasons. For example, that man in colorado that shot those innocent people in the movie theatres. If he never had a right to firearms that crime would still have been committed but not nearly as fatal. And what was his reasoning for it?? He is crazy, and for that many people died. Also another example, the man that shot people at the empire state building. His reasoning for it was beside he got into a disagreement with and employee and got upset and pulled out his gun and bang bang people were dying including him. If this man was to never have the right to own that gun innocent people going about there normal everyday would still be alive. If someone made guns as illegal as say cocaine of meth. No body would get them illegally either therefor reducing the amount of guns in the united states.

    That was only a few reasons why I think guns should be made illegal outside of the military, police force, and hunting. Everyone does have the right to self defense but does that also mean everyone has the right to kill if feeling threatened? Guns should be illegal regardless the situations that come up.

  19. I believe it shouldn’t be made illegal because the use of personal protection will always be needed no matter where one can be, the need for personal protection can be tested, stained, and or abused by another being. So for the use of a weapon outside of hunting should deemed illegal until unlawfully and abuse is shown and in that persons case of abuse should be made illegal.

  20. I belive that the rights to bear arms should remain legal simply because of that day when we first created our bill of rights. If we were to illigalize our right to bear guns what eles would we sacrifice to recive it? Would the goverment try to illegalize the freedom of the press or even the freedom of speech all together? No, if we were to make guns illegal it would destroy yet another freedom we, as a people, have freely given away.

  21. Personal gun possession outside of hunting purposes should not be made illegal in the United States. If you took firearms away from the citizen then you will not only be taking their constitutional right from them, you will also give greater power to foreign and domestic threats. No matter how strict you make gun laws the only people you will be hurting is the law abiding citizens. Because the outlaws will always have ways of getting guns and they will use them on the people who will have no way to defend themselves. There are many examples of gun control laws having resulted in higher crime in communities around the world.

    Let us look at a specific law in California for an example; it is illegal to have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Do you think that matters to the criminals when they have magazines that hold more than 10 rounds? I don’t believe they think twice about it. There are still criminals running around over there with 30 plus round magazines robbing and shooting people who don’t have a gun to defend themselves. What about the store owner or even the person just trying to protect his family? What if there is a riot and hundreds of people are trying to break into his property to severely hurt him or her and then rob the person of their possessions that they worked hard to get. Do you really think limiting the law abiding citizen with 10 round magazines is fair?

  22. Personal gun possession is a very important concern in these days, there are many facts that should be taken in account to choose if it should be legal or not. It is a dangerous, fragile and perilous issue. Gun possession should be made illegal because it can reduce crimes and deaths. To know about how personal guns influence people there are many reasons of why a person is allowed to possess arms. Outside hunting, the possession of weapons is allowed to help people to have some way of protection in emergency cases. If a person is in a dangerous situation, the use of gunfire is allowed. But as good as it can be seen, it also has many bad things, much more badly than good. Personal gun possession can also bring more conflicts in which police intervention would be required, due to the fact that people can use guns for personal conflicts, outside than just protection. Having too many people with guns also is dangerous because it makes robberies easier. It is true then banning this would be consider as something unconstitutional, because people may think that it goes against their rights. Taking guns away is not taking away freedom, on the contrary, is protecting the people. People cannot have absolute freedom because everything would be chaos. The authority has to make sure to limit their freedom to ensure everybody’s safety. Guns are not bad by themselves, the bad thing is the people who use them, and no one can know who is going to use them for good purposes, it is a security measure. It is better to be prepared, than to be regretful.

  23. I believe that having the right to bear arms outside hunting should remain legal, because it insures citizens the opportunity to carry a gun or not instead of having a set rule of not being able to. The right to carry a gun gives the citizen a sense of secureness and I mean it is the second amendment right. By a law being passed that only permits a citizen to carry a gun during hunting will be in violation of his second amendment constitutional right and limits his freedom that the founding fathers set for him. Yet, I also believe that the regular citizen should not have access to military issued weapons. I just don’t see the need for citizens to carry military arsenal. This isn’t the Old Wild West. Did we not leave the state of nature for protection under a government?

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